Launch of Seedling and Sapling Sales for Spring 2024 Shelterbelt Plantings for Country and Town


Launch of Seedling and Sapling Sales for Spring 2024 Shelterbelt Plantings for Country and Town

HELP International Shelterbelt Program now taking tree orders for Spring 2024 Planting Programs (Plantings should be carried out May 1 to May 15, June 12 to July 10 and October 1 to October 31). Trees will be available for pick up or shipping for SK, MB and AB customers May 20 through June 10.

Prepare your land! Fine deep till, sink up to your ankles garden texture! Plant deep: Full root plus 2 inches of lower stem underground.   Leave a water well depression below the landscape at base of each tree to give each tree up to five times the normal water from each rainfall or irrigation.

Slight Price Increase: HELP’s base price for seedlings is $2.50 for global orders of 300 or more (combining all tree varieties). $2.75 for global combined tree orders of 50 to 290; $5 per tree for combined orders totaling 30 to 40; and $6 per tree for combined orders totaling 10 to 20. Please order only in multiples of ten!

DID YOU KNOW that in response to several years of drought like conditions HELP is now marketing fairly low-cost drip irrigation systems of ½ inch; ¾ inch and 0.98-inch drip irrigation systems for DIY.  Find the irrigation systems for sale online along with our trees at:

For customers who prefer not to install trees DIY, HELP offers on a” contract basis:

On site assessment and planning services; Shelterbelt Installation Services; as well as drip irrigation installation services.


2023/2024 HELP CEO update Did you ever consider that despite trees being located on your land space, you are benefitting the entire region by producing more oxygen, stopping more wind, enticing more rainfall and creating more beauty and habitat?”

2023 has been an exciting year for HELP International as we have ramped up tree and sapling production higher than ever to meet the ever-increasing demand for our trees.