ROAD BANS Effective 12:01 a.m. April 7, 2023


Spring Weight Restrictions

IN ACCORDANCE with Bylaw 4/84 of the Rural Municipality of Grassy Creek No. 78 and with regulations prescribed by the Minister of Highways and Transportation

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that effective 12:01 am   Thursday April 7, 2023 and until further notice the following public roadways shall have the operation of tractors and other vehicles restricted to:

  • The oils surfaced roads being West of the SW of 16-8-18 W 3 and North of Sections 9,10,11 and 12-8-1 8W3 These roads restricted to 4,500 kgs maximum weight including the load.
  • All other roads within the municipality at:

-a maximum load on the steering axles of 10kg/mm or 560 pounds per inch width of tire (manufacturer’s stamped dimensions) to a maximum of 3,000 kg or 6,612 pounds on each wheel to a maximum of 5,500 kg or 12,120 pounds on the steering axle.

-a maximum load on all other wheels of 69.25 kg/mm or 350 pounds per inch width of tire to a maximum loading of 1650 kg or 3,636 pounds per wheel.