All Terrain Vehicles Rules and Regulations


ATV’s are permitted by bylaw on the  roads in the RM of Grassy Creek but all rules and regulations MUST be followed!

Safety gear

Always wear an approved motorcycle helmet and appropriate protective eye wear – it’s the law when you’re riding an ATV in public areas and recommended always.

Traffic rules

Driving an ATV in a way that’s dangerous to the public and failing to remain at a collision (hit and run) is illegal.

When you’re riding an ATV on public land, there are some rules of the road you need to follow:

  • keep to the right when approaching other vehicles
  • pass other vehicles on the left
  • signal turns when required
  • stop for police
  • yield to vehicles on your right and pedestrians
  • maintain a safe following distance
  • drive with due care and attention
  • drive with consideration for other people
  • maintain at least a 2-metre distance from the edge of the road
  • travel in the same direction as traffic when driving at night

Before crossing a road:

  • bring the ATV to a complete stop
  • all passengers must get off the ATV
  • yield to all other vehicles and pedestrians, then cross by the most direct route

Unsafe practices

When you’re driving an ATV, use a buddy system. And remember, don’t carry a passenger if your ATV isn’t built for it.

When driving an ATV, do not:

  • drive at an unsafe speed or over the speed limit (maximum 80 km/h)
  • drive in highway medians which are less than 50 metres in width
  • drive at night if the headlight or rear lights are not working
  • disturb, injure or kill wildlife
  • drive animals or birds towards hunters

Please click on the following link to see information about the ATV (all terrain vehicle) act in Saskatchewan.